Saturday, May 12, 2012

All about Green Grass

This post will definitely be useful for the people who are  looking out on how to choose the right grass seed or how to sow the grass seeds and create a lawn.

Before you create a Lawn, you should be aware of the necessary things to create a Lawn as proceeding without knowing it might put all your efforts in Vain. Lawn has to be created on a good soil which is fertile and has moisture. Also there should be proper drainage or harvest system in place to drain all the water on the Lawns as stagnant water could spoil your entire lawn.The green grass seed you choose should be according to the place you put up your lawn and the climatic conditions. Also make sure you prepare the grass seed bed properly before you sow the seeds.

Choosing the right green grass seed:
There are a variety of green grass seeds to choose from. Make sure you consult with the nearby gardeners or lawn owners before you select the grass seeds. There are grasses like Kentucky blue grass, Perennial Ryegrass, Annual Ryegrass, Bentgrass, Fescue, Zoysia and many more. Choosing the right type of seeds based on the climatic conditions and the terrain is good.

Preparing the seed bed:
Before you sow the grass seeds make sure to prepare the grass seed bed properly. Scrape through the surface of the soil and level the surface. There should not be any pot holes where the water can remain stagnant. Also add the fertilizers as per the grass seed you have chosen and then again scrape through the land. Also, rather than buying the coated seeds, you could buy the turf seeds.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Raised bed Gardens

I am putting this post on my blog to let you all know about one of the good techniques in gardening - Raised bed gardening. I just came to know about this concept few days back as I was browsing through the net. So, I just did a little more research on the "Raised bed gardening" on net and I have put all my thoughts into this post :). Raised bed gardens are also called garden boxes. Garden boxes or raised beds are very similar to the planters, the only difference being, these garden beds and boxes are left with an open bottom so that the plants can root themselves into the natural ground and get nutrients from there instead of confining it to an area as in planters. A snapshot of the garden bed:
Garden beds are can be customized as per our needs. Garden boxes can be arranged in the middle of the lawns or along the compounds or fences or it could be at the top of the building. Also garden beds comes in many shapes and sizes as per our needs. The most popular garden bed shapes are rectangular garden beds, U shaped garden beds, L shaped garden beds, Square beds, octagonal beds and hexagonal beds. Also, garden beds could be made of materials like wood,steel,bricks,stones or with sheets and earth bags. These garden beds or boxes can be bought or even it can be built on our own.
The raised garden beds has lot of advantages like if the soil is poor or infertile, then we could build a piece of land with fertile soil and place the garden beds over it to have a good harvest. Its ideal for vegetables and flowers. Its maintenance cost is much lower than the conventional garden types. Also, it gives the flexibility to have different gardens over the same area and it can be tailor made as per our needs. Please subscribe to get my updates!!!