Friday, August 8, 2008

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Abdul Malik Ghauri said...

Thank you for lauching this great and noble mission. I share your vision and dream. However I believe that the one of the most important decisions to save the planet and the humanity is to legislate at UN level to enforce responsible parenthood in the most irresponsiblly multiplying society, the 3rd world, Muslim world particularly Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria etc. Driven by the demand of resources these multiplying people hardly have the capacity to produce enough resources for themselves. They have to depend on the developed world's hard work, research, inventions and innovations but instead of being thankful to the developed world these people are extremely jealous rather enemical against them and all the time blaming the developed world for their plight. US must engage China and encourage and support China to export its policy of single child to the 3rd world to save the earth and to save the humanity. It will end the terrorism and bring peace to mankind. It will also bring prosperity and progress in the 3rd world and develop their human resource as well. Thank you again. Yours Sincerely,
Abdul Malik Ghauri
Secretary to Government
founder of THE HUMANIST