Tuesday, July 8, 2008

G-8 endorses halving global emissions by 2050

World leaders on Tuesday endorsed halving world emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050, edging forward in the battle against global warming but stopping short of tough, nearer-term targets.

The Group of Eight leading industrial nations — the United States, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, Britain, Canada and Italy — also called on all major economies to join together to stem the potentially dangerous rise in world temperatures.

"This global challenge can only be met by a global response, in particular, by the contributions from all major economies," the G-8 said in a joint, five-page communique.

Read more from here:http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080708/ap_on_re_as/g8_climate_change

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TKHudson said...

My grandparents have two solar panels on their roof. When they put them up, they said it cut their electric bill in half.

I understand that with current technology, solar power "isn't viable because it takes up too much space to make too little energy" But I propose that there is PLENTY of perfect real estate for them.

Everyone should have them on their roof. If the government can give discounts to people so that they can convert their TV to digital, why not give discounts to people who want to put solar panels on their roof? Also, It should be law that every new house built has to have solar panels.

If there could just be a way to get solar panels on everyone's roof, it would cut energy down by SO MUCH!

I also work for a non-profit called the INternational Dark-Sky Association. You might check them out some time. There is a lot of information about how light pollution wastes energy (over 10 billion dollars a year), which contributes to global warming too (who'd a thunk?)


Ah, just a thought.