Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What is Green Quotient (GQ)?

Your Green Quotient ( GQ ) is the degree of environment consciousness within you. It is your GQ which determines how much you care, understand and are determined to do something favourable for the environment we live in. Also, higher the GQ of mankind, the lesser shall be the level of global warming, say experts.


Steve said...

My name is J.C.Yoon from Korea who is very keen on Greening even now on the stage wrapping up a book 'low-carbon green-growth revolution'.
I am also very much interested in the term 'Green Quotient' which is not precisely and indept discribed on Internet.
I mean 'Green Quotient' will be useful at the point of constructors, as there are Green Building Index, and publich school teacher as we've seen the other term 'Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient'.
I in this sense express that Green Quotient is needed to be developed by government for peoples environmental live and to cope with global warming based on the quotient/index

John_Buehrer said...

Hi, is this topic still active?

In discussion with colleagues, we consider a green quotient to be a number without dimensions (similar to a mathematical quotient, a ratio), but it still has a context.

Indeed, flexibility of context is what makes it useful. For example, we like the World Wildlife Foundation's Ecological Footprint Calculator which aims to show how many "planets of resources" a group of people consume with their lifestyle and activities. So, your GQ could be how many planets you consume of uncompensated-resources. More than one is bad.

A GQ can be assessed for other purposes too, with other criteria. I see this process as a tool, used in some context, rather than giving an absolute definition to the number itself.