Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Biodiesel from algae

In the beginning, there were algae, but there was no oil

Then, from algae came oil.

Now, the algae are still there, but oil is fast depleting

In future, there will be no oil, but there will still be algae

So, doesn’t it make sense to explore if we can again get oil from algae?

Source : http://www.oilgae.com, MCT photo Service


boodee said...

well,kalo emang dari algae bisa didapatkan metil ester??
kenapa engga. algae kan melimpah. apalagi diperairan yang tercemar limbah detergen..
save the earth..!!

Sam said...

That's a great idea!!! Why not do that by our scientist... So that the oil price will have a lower rates in the market.

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