Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hoping for an "Eco-friendly" Diwali :-)

This year's Diwali is going to be more eco-friendly in the tamil nadu capital, thanks to the growing environmental and social awareness among the citizens, particularly the young. the change is more than evident, with students of more than 80 schools deciding not to indulge in bursting crackers to protest against the engagement of child labour in the industry. also, a campaign by the tamil nadu pollution control board (tnpcb) against air and noise pollution on diwali has had its desired impact on school children. Harshini, a seventh standard student of dav public school, says she will not light up crackers as she knows that ''it has been made by children like me, who themselves don't get the opportunity to burst them.'' besides, it also poses health hazards. dav principal minu agarwal said they have been explaining to the students about the hazards caused by crackers and the pollution caused by it. ''we've instead asked them to enjoy diwali by doing shopping or doing some charity and the children have reciprocated well,'' she said. last year on diwali day, the suspended particulate matter in the air rose by more than two to six times at around 0600 hrs and the city was enveloped by a smog throughout the day, tnpcb officials explained to children. the festival would also be a cheerful affair with no loud noise waking you up on diwali day following the supreme court order restricting bursting of crackers between 2200 hrs and 0600 hrs. the city police had also warned that it would not hesitate to arrest anyone found violating the apex court order.

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