Thursday, May 21, 2009

Green gadgets for eco-aware shoppers

Gadget makers showed off their green credentials at a technology show in London to try to tempt consumers worried about soaring bills, climate change and the financial crisis. Only a handful of companies promoted the products which consumes negligible energy.
Wattson, developed by DIY Kyoto of London lets the consumers to measure the power consumed at their homes. Jason Goldman, of DIY Kyoto said, “ The whole idea is to save money and to save the environment".

British gadget website displayed many electric scooters developed by the Chinese and the U.S firms.There were also Solar powered devices which traps one hour of sunshine and converts it into one hour play back in ipod or 25 minutes of talk time on a mobile.

Even a Taiwanese computer maker had made one energy efficient laptop with a shell made of bamboo to reinforce its eco-friendly aspirations.

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