Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bring the outdoors Indoors!

Consider the location Prior to your plants indoors, you will need to ensure you have a suitable place to put them. Most plants that are transferred indoors require full sun and they often need additional humidity. This is due to the fact that the air inside our homes is often drier than the air outside.

Help them adjust Placing in your plants in a shadier portion of your yard, prior to moving them indoors, will assist in their being better able to adjust to the change in lighting and environment that they are about to experience. It’s a good idea to keep the plants in this shady area for a couple of weeks, so that they can adjust themselves to the weather conditions.

Part with pests Before bringing the plants indoors, ensure that you don’t bring their pest pals indoors with them. Treat them to remove aphids and other creepy crawlies.

Plan the potting Ideally, the pot you choose for your plant should have drainage holes in the bottom and a basin at the bottom, inorder to store excess water, rather than letting it drip on your floor.

Cutting back when you bring the plant indoors, be sure to cut them slightly, this will not only help to control the size of your plants, but will also encourage new growth.

Watering Plants that are brought indoors do not require fertilizer during their stay. Instead, water them deeply but infrequently.

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