Monday, January 5, 2009

A Great Valentine's Gift

With Valentine's day around the corner, the lovers from all around the world may be now thinking of getting the perfect gifts for their love. And I am here with a perfect valentine's gift that can symbolize your love.

Is there anyone who doesn’t know the citizen watches? They have been around for decades already. Your great great grandparents may have used this brand. Truly a classic. The name Citizen has stayed so long, up to now, in the market because of it undeniable durability and good function. They have been upgrading their technologies (they’re recognized worldwide as a leader in advanced technology) to include the world’s slimmest LCD watch, the world’s first voice recognition watch, and the world’s first professional dive watch having a depth sensor.

Citizen Eco-Drive Watch is their latest model, which is being tagged as Ecologically Friendly Timekeeping. How do they make it eco-friendly? These watches are light-driven or light-powered. It therefore needs no battery and no battery waste means a healthier environment. Don’t worry; you don’t need the sun all the time. It can run on ANY type of light, natural or artificial.

Personally, I suggest the Citizen AR1054-52E Men's Eco-Drive Two Tone Stiletto Black Dial as a gift for men. Simple and sleek.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Watch, a perfect gift idea

When you give this as a gift, you don’t only make one person happy; you make the whole world happy. You flattered a person and at the same time you helped the earth retain its ecological balance. Therefore citizen watches make really good gifts for Valentines and for any other occasion possible.

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green not mean said...

That's a wonderful Idea and I would love a gift like that! By the way I love your blog and I also have a green blog too.

lunarhemizphere said...

Hmmm... I'll put that in my gift options!Thanks!

Cara said...

Unique idea!! I'm too thinking about picking up something different on this Valentines Day...