Saturday, May 9, 2009

Protect youselves from mosquitoes

Hello readers, I am back with a helpful post about how to protect yourselves and your family members from the disease carrying mosquitoes. I am sure that everyone feels annoyed when these dreadful killer mosquitoes fly around us and bite us. Even some of the sprays, coils and refills are not that much efficient in killing those mosquitoes. Recently, I came to know about an wonderful Mosquito Magnet Equipment which uses the patented counter flow technology to trap and kill the mosquitoes and it can work at its peak twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Proper placement of the Mosquito Magnet machine is crucial for its success and they have given tips and advices in their site, which helps their customers to install and place the trap at proper locations. You can also use secondary attractants like Octenol or lurex which can increase the mosquito catch rate upto 10 times. Since the Lurex3 attracts the Asian Tiger Mosquito effectively, I am using Lurex3 as the secondary attractant. They also provide excellent customer care and service.

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