Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reasons for Power Crisis

Power Wastage: Its high time that we start saving the power for the future. With the present rate of burning the coals and lignites, it will last barely for another 100 years or so. So, the energies must be used effectively with the futuristic approach. Not many of us have the habit of saving power and energy. How many of us switch off
the fans and other electrical appliances when we leave the room or when we dont need it? Hardly 1- 10%. How many of us care to inform the Electricity Board if the street lamps are not switched off during the day times? Is it necessary to lit the entire town or city with lights for the arrival of political leaders, when there is power
scarcity for the common people?. Think. Power is being wasted everywhere from the home to office to shop. I have even seen the Electricity Board offices empty with fans and lights working for the benches and tables in the offices. Such power wastages if stopped, I am sure that atleast some power can be saved.

Power Theft: The Government has many laws against the theft of power but they dont enforce it in a proper way to limit the power theft. Power theft is increasing day by day with the help of the local wire men. Strict action must be taken against such people to prevent power thefts. By hooking of the wires from the main lines, power theives can easily take power and its already found that the power theft is worth crores and crores of bucks.

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