Wednesday, January 20, 2010

AVATAR - Is it an Eco Awareness movie?

I think most of you people would have watched the movie, Avatar. When asked about the reviews on Avatar most of the people appreciated the visual effects and director's skills in filming such an excellent screenplay. But I personally feel that the director has also induced an awareness about saving the environment among the people who watched the movie. Its a right message at the right time. I was really impressed by the way the people (oops!! sorry the aliens) at Pandora cared for the environment and other creatures. I really wonder how could the director imagine about such an eternal planet. It also made me think that the Earth could also have been like the Pandora some million years back and our human race has made it lose its sheen.

I am happy that people appreciate the director, the people who worked for the animations and the people who worked for the visual effects and infact the entire team of Avatar. But I would feel much happier if you people could take the message which the director has touched upon towards the environmental conservation.

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