Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Green Walls Living Walls

A green wall is a vertical garden that is pre-planted in panels and then attached to the facade of the building. Plants stay intact in their vertical positions because their root structures are anchored in 2-4 inches of soil kept within the panel. Sedums are the most common plant used in living wall applications, displaying beautiful succulent leaves and blossoms in spring and summer. You can also grow vegetables and native plants depending on your soil depth and climate.

Green Walls can be interior and exterior. In exterior green walls sedums turn a shade of maroon in the winter and then turn back to green the following spring. Indoor living walls use tropical plants that stay the same color the year around.

Advantages of having Green walls:

It reduces air pollution, deters graffiti, and also mitigates the stormwater runoff. They add to the interior/exterior decoration of your building and shows our commitment towards environment.

Green walls are biofilters. They absorb the dust and other polluting particles in the air and gives out fresh oxygen.As they absorb dust and other pollutants from the air, they reduce the green house gases and in turn helps in reducing the global warming. Also these green walls keep the buildings cool by retaining the moisture and it also retains the rain waters flowing through the walls.

Green Walls also protects your walls from heat and UV rays by giving a green cover to your walls. Also they give us a fresh and ever green feeling.

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