Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nisha cyclone hits TamilNadu

Nagapattinam and Vedharanyam were the worst hit places by the Nisha cyclone yesterday and it crossed the southern coast near karaikal by today at 6:30 A.M. It packed in winds of 60-70 kmph and brought heavy downpour from yesterday. The coastal districts of TamilNadu were the worst hit by these heavy rains and it increased the death toll to nearly 60. The cauvery delta districts were also submerged and nearly 64,000 hectares were declared flood-hit. The cyclonic winds wrecked trees and the overhead cables. 42,000 people from the coastal hamlets and low lying areas were evacuated. Most of the people has to remain indoors and many villages and suburbs were left in darkness as the power gets interrupted. The entire state was stranded as some of the highway roads were washed away and the traffic has to move at snail’s pace.

Chennai remained water logged everywhere. The city drains were designed to take downpour only for an hour. The storm water drains clogged by the non biodegradable wastes also added to the woes. Most of the schools and colleges remained closed. Cuddalore, chidhambaram and villupuram suffered severe floods at the hands of the cyclone nisha.

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