Saturday, November 29, 2008


Torrential rain, thunder, lightning, and gales can bring turmoil and devastation. To most of us, a storm is a spell of severe weather, with strong winds and heavy rain. Meteorologists- people who study the weather- define a storm as a wind blowing persistently at over 103-117 kmph. Storms form in areas of low pressure, where air is warm and less dense than the surrounding air. In certain conditions, more powerful storms can develop. These are known as typhoons, cyclones, hurricanes or willy-willy in different parts of the world. I will post about the types of storms in my next post. Keep checking.

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potentenum said...

Interesting -- interesting that you are dedicating a blog to nature =)...I was especially intrigued by the beautiful picture of the birds...

Is it true that the frequency of storms is on the rise due to global warming? We should save the earth!