Monday, December 1, 2008

Types of Storms


These huge storms can measure about 650 km in diameter. Hurricanes develop as clusters of thunderstorms over warm tropical seas. They tighten into a spiral, with a calm central ring of low pressure called the eye. They sweep wastward with heavy rain and winds upto 350kmph. As they pass over cool water or land, their intensity lessens.


Small but ferocious, tornadoes are whirling masses of wind spiralling beneath a thunder cloud. They roar past in minutes, bringing winds of upto 400 kmh that leave a trail of destruction. Air pressure at the center is low that air rushes in at enormous speed, sucking up people, cars and even whole trains.

Created from huge cumulonimbus clouds, thunderstorms bring heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. They are made by strong updraughts along a cold front or over ground warmed by summer sun. Air expanding quickly causes thunder, the rumbling that follows lightning.

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