Sunday, March 8, 2009

Christmas Trees and related environmental issues.

Christmas Trees are one of the traditions associated with the Christmas celebrations. The Christmas trees decorated with the lights and stars are really a boon to watch. These Christmas trees are either kept inside the house or out in open space. Basically two types of christmas trees are used, Natural and artificial Christmas trees. The natural Christmas trees are grown in tree farms and they belong to the fir species. Not much of the environmental issues arise from these natural Christmas trees. The biggest Christmas tree is placed at the Vatican City and the officials have already said that the tree would be recycled and its wood will be used for making toys for the Children.

The Artificial Christmas trees are usually made out of petroleum products and non-biodegradable products such as PVC, polyethylene etc. hence, these artificial trees are environmentally harmful than the natural ones. They are not recyclable too. So, lets celebrate an eco-friendly Christmas with the natural Trees !!!. Merry Christmas!!

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