Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cleaning with the natural cleaning products

To go for green cleaning is to use natural cleaning products. This means that green cleaning avoids the use of chemical-based cleaning solutions that could carry harmful toxics. Those can cause negative health effects from allergies to irritations to more serious health problems such as cancer and organ damages. Sadly, this kind of products are the ones used by majority of house owners and keepers today.

However, because of the growing environmental and health awareness of the people, green cleaning is now getting a considerable attention from the public. Its various health and environmental advantages are adding more reasons for the people to switch from chemical-based to natural cleaning products. This can be seen on the rising demand on green cleaning products and the increasing number of companies offering them.

If you are one of those who are not yet into green cleaning, then it's time for you to consider it. Don't you think it's time to give something back to the earth? Even just in a way of not adding anymore pollutants into the environment? Assess your cleaning products. Though you might be already using truly effective cleaners, make sure that they really do protect your family and that they are being harmless to the environment.

As an addition to your use of natural cleaning products, here are some green cleaning tips that could maximize the positive cleaning effects that you can get.

- Concentrate on entryways. Dirt can get into your home through people's feet. And who knows where that feet had gone and what it had stepped on? Anything it had passed through can be a source of grimes and germs, that is why it is important to frequently clean your home's doorways and entrances. You may also use some doormats to at least minimize the germs and dirt there can be in the sole of people's shoes of feet.

- Wiping instead of spraying. When applying the cleaner, use a cloth and wipe it on the item or surface instead of spraying it. This will minimize the particles in the indoor air and also will reduce the chemicals in case you need to use a commercial cleaning product.

- Use preferable cleaning chemical, only if needed. It cannot be denied that there are some stains and dirt that are too stubborn to be removed using green cleaning products. If the necessity of using a chemical product arises, make sure that you use an environmentally preferred one.

- Vacuum, extract, rinse and dry carpets properly. When cleaning carpets, make sure that you properly and thoroughly execute the vacuuming, washing, rinsing and drying processes. Moist carpets can lead to mold growth and can also cause the development of rust if in contact with metal furniture.

- Practice preventive measures. Prevention will always be better than cure no matter how effective your cleaning product or tool may be. This will save you time, money and energy, not to mention that this will keep you away from the possibility of having to use chemical-based cleaning solutions.

- Always clean "touch items". These are items that you would come in contact with through hands. Examples are door handles, phones and door knobs. Dirt and germs can be transferred from one person to another with these items as the connectors so make sure that they are always clean.

These are just few of the many ways of going for green cleaning apart from the use of natural cleaning products. If these and other cleaning tips are properly observe, it is for sure that your green cleaning products will yield its optimum results.

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