Saturday, December 13, 2008

Advertising on blogs made easy by PayingPost

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Hello bloggers, if you are a regular blogger and if you keep updating your blog, you can earn a decent amount of bucks for doing it. You can start advertising on blogs and writing paid reviews. Its not a tedious task to earn money by writing paid posts. Its surprisingly very simple. There are a number of pay per post programs ( PPP), which offers you money for writing reviews and posts. And many will be in a dilemma as to choose which PPP program which provides the best-in-class services.

Recently, I came across a PPP site, which offers the best services to its advertisers and publishers as well. The opportunity creation fee is 50% less compared to other PPP programs. PayingPost takes only 2 business days to approve a blog, whereas the other PPP programs takes 2 weeks and even more than that. So, if you are blog gets qualified and approved from, you can start earning within 3 days. They take much efforts to find more and more advertisers, which in turn helps their publishers to earn more money.

You can even get bonuses from the opportunities. You will be paid $25 to your account, if incase your post is the best post on that particular day. That’s great na?. They will pay you directly through PayPal once your earning threshold reaches $50. You can also earn more money from their affiliation program. You will be paid with $15 once your referees first post is approved. You can refer any number of people and get paid. You can reserve 3 posts per day and you can have upto 10 blogs.They also provide live customer services. So, Don’t miss this opportunity! . Visit and start earning. I am sure that you wont regret in anyway for joining in this wonderful program.

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