Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mushrooms and other fungi

Neither plants nor animal, mushrooms and other types of fungi form a unique group or organisms of more than 80,000 species. Unlike plants, fungi lack the green food-making compound chlorophyll- so cannot make their own food. Instead, they release enzymes that decompose living, dead or dying organisms and absorb the nutrients and minerals released. Fungi range from dull grey mushrooms to brightly coloured toadstools.

There are many types of fungi. The fungi are divided into 5 groups based on reproduction. They are

sac fungi- Sac fungi, including morels, cup fungi and truffles produce spores, in special sac, or ascus.

Club fungi- They produce spores on club shaped fertile cells.

- They produce oospores and many blights live in water.

Moulds- They produce zygospores and often grows on bread.

Imperfect Fung
i- Such as athlete's foot, ring worm and thurst, have no sexual stage to their life cycle.

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